Personal Letter of Intent for the Alternative Licensure Program @ NNMC

My intention to pursue a career in teaching, in New Mexico, is the result of my past decade of evolving experiences with diverse roles in education, from the university where I attended college to my recent leadership activities in support of school gardening as a powerful cross-disciplinary learning tool. In all of my educational work, volunteerism, and social and environmental activism, I have endeavored to embody the qualities of a positive role model toward youth, while transmitting valuable knowledge and skills that serve to sharpen their minds and expand their horizons. By becoming a licensed teacher in New Mexico, I believe I will be able to best serve the needs of New Mexico students and help them advance to reach their fullest potential, in the process working diligently to overcome the many challenges and struggles that they face.

My personal and work experiences related to teaching have encompassed a broad spectrum. First, during my college studies in New Jersey, for over 3 years I was employed by Rutgers University’s Writing Centers as undergraduate-level English Writing Tutor. In this job, I worked one-on-one in repeated sessions with hundreds of students to help them develop the ability to write coherent, persuasive, concise and well-structured English essays. With guidance from the extensive training for tutors that Rutgers provided, I successfully assisted the great majority of my students with each one’s formation of a stronger independent narrative voice, ability to think critically, and acquisition of college-level expositional writing skills.

After college, I was hired by several ecological non-profit organizations to help coordinate national conferences on cutting-edge yet under-the-radar sustainability issues. My task in these jobs was to educate America’s progressive grassroots activist communities and the general public on the importance of topics that had not yet reached substantial mainstream awareness. Years later, these issues now enjoy much wider public recognition and support – and I am proud of the modest but definite impact that my educational outreach (including essays I published in nationally circulated magazines) had to galvanize this change.

In 2007, my environmentalist and educational work transitioned toward the field of hands-on sustainable agriculture, as I took a job apprenticing full-time with Erda Gardens, a small biodynamic farm and youth-oriented “learning center” located in the South Valley of Albuquerque. Through this job, along with subsequent positions and personal activist efforts, I have been deeply engaged with the growing educational movement in New Mexico (and across the United States) to utilize edible organic gardens as an exceptional learning platform for all ages of students. By participating as a coordinator and mentor in many garden-based experiential education projects, plus facilitating a series of workshops at statewide conferences that focused on the challenges of spurring stronger youth leadership for the future of sustainable agriculture in New Mexico, I have worked hard to be an educational leader in this area. In 2010, I was honored to win the national “Ideas for Change in America” competition for my idea of “universal school gardens.” I am currently beginning to initiate the NM School Gardens and Farms Network and volunteering this summer to help expand and maintain a flourishing school garden project in Taos.

While I believe these personal and work experiences provide a solid foundation for my future career as a teacher, I am excited to further develop my teaching skills through the ALP program at NNMC. I understand that the success of today’s youth represents the promise of a better future for all people. I am committed to doing all that I can to be an ethical, effective, and inspiring teacher who truly helps my students realize their learning potential and achieve their dreams — in accord with the highest standards of the teaching profession. Thank you for your dedication to assisting me and all prospective teachers in this noble effort.

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